I.Fairy Super Crystal Pink Circle Lenses Review

24. března 2016 v 19:19 | Lena & Ayaku |  Reviews
Banner by Kira Kitsune CosplayArt

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Photos from: Uniqso

Rating: 100%
Store: www.uniqso.com
Link Here!

Base curve: 8.6 mm
Diameter: 16.2mm

Life span: 12 months
Water content: 55%

+ free case

Yui Komori: Lena Cosplay
Ayato Sakamaki: Kentaro CosplayArt

These lenses I can highly recommend!!
They arrived really well packaged with free case.
They are definitely NOT natural looking and the colour is really pops. Perfect for anime and game characters.
They are really comfortable in my eyes with no eye irritation.

The pattern of lenses is also really nice.
I've choosed these lenses for my Yui Komori and Go Matsuoka cosplay because they were the brightest pink I could find.
This series itself is very comfortable for me. I own the red and pink versions.

If you want, you can check out my I. Fairy Super Crystal Red Circle lenses HERE!

The same lenses own my friend Ayaku cosplay too so I asked her if she wants to say something about these lenses too.
I also asked, if I can use her photos for this review and she agreed.
She has the same opinion about these lenses like me.

I wanted to show you these lenses as much as is possible so I was looking for some more photos in the internet.

Photos from: Alexa's Style Blog

Photos from: April Fool Romance

And in the end I also add a video review for you :)


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